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Foreword to the printed edition

The necessary 3rd edition offered the possibility to add new terms especially from the field of refractory engineering. This dictionary contains now approximately 5600 terms from the spe- cial field of refractory materials, their testing and use and standard technical vocabulary.

For some technical terms, which are a result of rapid developments, there are still no appropriate words in the other language. Consequent- ly, they can only be translated in a general manner. New English tech- nical terms and some abbreviations are often simply taken over by the German language and, as a result, require an explanation.

The terms are arranged alphabetically. The German „Umlauts“ ä, ö, ü are sorted as a, o, u. In addition, „ß“ is featured as ss.

The abbreviation for the gender of the word is given in the round brack- ets ( ) behind German words: m = masculin, f = feminine, n = neuter; pl = plural and v = verb.

The square brackets [ ] contain explanations pertaining to the technical term – specifically if special terms are concerned.

Behind the language section there is a list of dictionaries focussing on related fields and technology. Furthermore, a list of CD-ROMs with terms used in the ceramic industry (German, English) and refractory industry (5 languages) is given. Further mention is made of cover-to-cover translations of books on refractory materials. A great assistance when learning the English and German technical terms in the refractorry field are the European standards EN and international standards ISO for refractories in the English language, which are translated to German standards DIN EN, DIN EN ISO and DIN ISO.

Gerald Routschka


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